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MHG Dealz on Wheelz is a pop-up shop for high quality discounted goods based in Philadelphia.

We also offer an exceptional delivery service where we aim to deliver either same day or next day, because we know our customers are hardworking people with precious time.

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Al-Hisbah is a bespoke Islamic finance consultancy firm offering clients with much needed services like Zakah calculation, estate planning, will writing, financial check-ups, Shariah audit and review, and various business services.

Al-Hisbah’s goal is to promote financial awareness, financial stability and financial freedom for the Muslim community by helping them to align their finances and businesses with their Islamic values.

Al-Hisbah also aims to promote small business in the community by providing help to entrepreneurs to set-up and run their businesses. Services include business plan writing, marketing, website design, LLC creation, business process solutions, etc.

We invite all our customers to take the Islamic Financial Check-Up™ where we perform a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation and provide you with a complete report detailing your Islamic commitments and financial options to help achieve your goals whilst remaining true to your values.


The Illumin8d City Ltd is looking for families in need who may benefit from a care package, including but not limited to various household and health & beauty items. We are asking our customers to nominate families so we may reach the people who need it most. 

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